Works For Chakaia Booker Studio

Tire Texture Study. A pattern study I generated using Rhinoceros and Grasshopper

Noted for her use of rubber tires and stainless steel, the work of sculptor, Chakaia Booker, examines the transformation of everyday objects into expressive environments. Her work tackles issues such as race, femininity, and evolution, and is featured in collections throughout the world. 

Venturing into a new era of site-specific public art, the scale of Chakaia’s work is becoming more architectural. In need of someone with expertise in three-dimensional modeling and presentation formatting, I was hired to assist on three projects. Two of these projects are shown.


Treasure Island Building One Plaza Public Art Project

A valley of textured wave forms, Chakaia Booker’s sculpture for the historic garden at Building One Plaza is intended to be an interactive piece. The forms allow visitors to meander and touch a material—rubber tires–that is both familiar and foreign. As an urban adaptive reuse project focused on cycles of renewal and rebirth in and around the San Francisco Bay Area, Chakaia use sine curves to create apertures that highlight these points of ecological change.

In order to present the themes of this sculpture to the public, I designed a series of renderings and site plans to highlight the relationship between the sculpture, the location, and one’s body. 


Yerba Buena Island: Hilltop Park Public Art Project

Situated atop a former water tank, the sculpture designed by Chakaia functions as a portal that simultaneously addresses Yerba Buena Island’s past use and its role in future ecological change in the Bay Area. To convey the narrative of ‘the sculpture as nature,’ I designed a series of site plans and collage renderings, which use landscape as a means of place making.