Essays on Various Topics

A selection of essays I have authored. Please note, most of the essays are available for download on If you are interested in any of the work presented here and are unable to access it, contact me.


The Significance of Le Musée Clemenceau in Presenting Paris's Historic Interiors

The decision to turn the home of an influential society figure into a museum is significant, as it provides a physical glimpse into a world that no longer exists, but has shaped our understanding of the world today. Located on 8, rue Benjamin Franklin in Paris, Le Musée Clemenceau transports one back in time to 24 November 1929, and provides a look into the mind and uniqueness of Georges Clemenceau.

Effectiveness of the Bike Storage Room in Meeting University Sustainability Goals

This paper demonstrates that by increasing the signage visibility of the bike storage room, the university will increase use and frequency bicycle use among members of TNS campus. Data was collected by issuing university-wide surveys, recording the daily weather, and visually inspecting and mapping the bike storage room and street bicycle parking near 25 East 13 th Street and 65 Fifth Avenue. We were able to determine usage, frequency, and awareness of the bike storage room, and identify TNS community needs for more sheltered street-grade bicycle storage. While the temperature remained relatively consistent throughout the sample period, and the survey showed that temperature was a contributing factor in the decision to ride to TNS, there was no change in the usage of the Bike Storage Room. While there was no overall change in our readings for the Bike Storage Room usage post-survey distribution, our survey served to raise awareness of the room, identify the cyclist community at TNS, and address their needs. The survey also demonstrated that despite its indoor location, 74.6% of TNS cycling community would prefer more street-grade bike storage to using the Bike Storage Room.