Lina Bo Bardi - Casa de Vidro, São Paulo 1951-2014

An analysis and depiction of the home of Lina Bo Bardi conducted under the tutelage of Luben Dimcheff.

A fascinating Italian woman, illustrator, designer, and architect, Lina Bo Bardi always managed to envision the future of her projects as referencing their past history. Her home in São Paulo was the first large work to showcase her ideas. She designed the house around a central courtyard in which a single tree resides. Her design coupled principles of modernism with anthropological references to residential life and her own unique aesthetic. When construction began in 1951, the area had recently been cleared of its rainforest. Bo Bardi, however, envisioned the return of nature and designed her architecture around that. 

In my studies of her work on this house, I focused this ‘return to nature’ aspect of her designs. Each piece created is part of a timeline of her house from 1951 through 2014, the year when Lina Bo Bardi would have been 100 years old.